Trudon Versailles Collection

Trudon Versailles Collection


A significant cultural influence in 18th century France, Versailles still represents today the origin and the quintessence of luxury and French art de vivre. Versailles was the epicentre of French royalty for over a century. Elaborate feasts held within the Palace of Versailles saw exceptional historical moments unfold, both in the history of the palace and in the history of art.

The royal celebrations at Versailles took place until the last years of the reign of King Louis XVI. Artists and creators from all over the world still draw inspiration from this prestigious place, a showcase of unique know-how that has seen the birth of the great manufactures of France.

A quintessential accord representing French gardens in spring, both very floral and refreshing. The Versailles Collection, already iconic with its frozen azure-blue vessel and its both highly floral and refreshing fragrance, captures an atmosphere as refined as it is whimsical: a garden created from scratch to entertain and enchant a king, his court and his friends.

Top notes: Peonies, Mint natural essence, Thyme flower
Heart notes:
Rosemary Natural Essence, Linden, Tuberose absolute
Base notes:
Honeysuckle, Natural Upcycled oak wood, Blue iris